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– From listening to those before you.

Max’s years of experience as a colour artist and stylist have embedded a deep-rooted conviction that “Education” is the key to unlocking the full potential of a brand and fellow stylists that are using it. Learning is listening and Max has spent the last 30 years listening to what the industry has been needing and wanting. In the creation of ELI Colour it is very evident that not only will the stylists have the tools to do great hair but also be educated on how to use them correctly with “MAX ELI” the brand.

With the revolutionary ELI Colour comes the need to have a revolutionary approach to continued education. MAX ELI will continue to create and work with educators from around the world to build the #weELI family and culture with a solid team that much resembles the passion and philosophies of Max Eli, himself. With having the most updated technologies in ELI Colour we must also teach and train stylists to utilize the product to the full potential.

As you will see with our brand we have also spent many hours working on visuals and the most advanced teaching methods available to keep education exciting and fresh in our industry. It’s not always about “What” you teach but also about “How” you teach it.


– From the beginning, it starts with you.

When you pride yourself on being a leader in the hair industry with the competition so vast you must start right. With most of the successful education platforms that are existing today the leaders have had seen the implementation of 70/20/10 rule.

We believe that 10% of your time will be spent learning in educational events such as colour labs, lectures, or hands-on workshops. Then 20% of your learning will come from your peers and interaction with other individuals with similar interests or respected colleges. The other 70% of learning with the products will come from your environment and culture you create in the salons while using it with your clients each day.

Simultaneously, if we can create these type of scenarios in our educations material and hands-on approach we feel that we will continue to create inspired leaders.

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.”
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– From believing in those around you

As we mentioned we believe that 10% of your active learning comes from educational events, it’s important that we create a continued learning experience that you help create in your salons by believing in each other. With ELI Colour the complete experience in education we want to create doesn’t end with the class or event but never stops as you continue to inspire each other on a daily basis through learning and teaching. At MAX ELI we will create a learning environment that inspires everyone to challenge themselves to grow not only in education using ELI Colour but in life.


– From the valley to mountaintops

We will continue to push the brand and our culture to grow with “NEW” resources and technologies that are available. It is really not about only getting to the top but remembering what gets you there and the hard work to establish your brand in this industry. Education has been a common detail that many brands have taken attempts at mastering, however most importantly we want to keep our products as industry leaders and thus always keeping the education at a high level.

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It’s all about you 

At MAX ELI we will continue to work hard in choosing the best team to teach and help create our culture for the brand. It is very important for our company to have individuals that share the same beliefs and passions in leading others on this journey.

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