Regulate your ph

Regulate your pH

Unlike other colour, Our ph regulator and activator was designed differently from head to toe using MAXBOND technology and pharmaceutical grade components.

PH regulator activator big

Control your pH

Lowers the pH of colour cream allowing every tube of ELI Colour to become semi/demi.



Why this matters

Our unique buffered gel activators along with conditioning agents will leave the hair in a much healthier state.

Activators that work

Our new blends of mineral oil allow for increased penetration and deposit into the cortex.


Why this rocks

All of our activators have our combined innovative soothing agents added to create a more comfortable experience.

Our Activators when mixed create a consistent viscosity regardless of desired mixing ratio and allow for superior spreadability.

As with the rest of ELI Colour we haven’t forgotten our activators when adding our incredible fragrances so now everyone will love the smell during their colour service.

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