Max Eli

Passion of Colour

"I will never stop sharing my passion to educate, lead and inspire hairdressers to achieve their best…"

Max Eli

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do…

Max Eli’s unwavering passion is leading and inspiring beauty professionals globally. His unique approach to education stems from his 30 year pursuit of knowledge in the constant-changing world of hair colour. He believes knowledge and education is vital in pushing the limits in hair colour beyond ones imagination while leaving the hair in better condition than before any chemical service was applied. He truly loves his newest creation.

“Leading my fellow colourists to create beyond their own expectations is the greatest joy I’ve ever known. That’s what drives me.”

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City of Angels meets small town boy…

Never a stranger to hard work, Max grew up in a small Wyoming town working the family farm and in his mother’s small salon attached to the side of their house. He witnessed his mother build a successful career doing what she loved. From a very young age, Max knew he wanted to follow the same path. In fact, he couldn’t imagine doing anything but dazzle the world with his own art – beauty was in his blood. There was only one place that was calling his name.

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Madonna, Michael & Max…

So much of today’s pop culture was born in the 80’s with Los Angeles in the heart of it all. Max’s love of beauty and the arts would guide him to the City of Angels where he would glamorize many of LA’s entertainers, celebrities and elite. Not one to follow trends, Max’s gift of creation has set many of the world’s trends while working his art for HBO and the Golden Globes. From the white glove to a world full of colours.

The art of perfection in the pursuit of happiness…

For more than 30 years, Max’s attention to the finest details in every aspect of life has been instrumental in anything he touches. As a hairdresser, he is driven to ensure his clients receive the best possible care, via his expertise and the best products the industry. As an internationally-renowned colour creator, his endless pursuit of the world’s latest technology and finest ingredients are the cornerstones to ELI Colour. His pure happiness is seen in everything he touches.


Living an endless ENCORE…

Max has worked alongside many of the world’s finest colourists and chemists to develop and create the most innovative and revolutionary hair colour lines of our time. ELI Colour is the latest Max Eli masterpiece hoping to inspire global colourists to be the best they can be, thus opening a brand new world of possibilities. He just keeps on giving back to the world of hair.

“Lets do great hair!!” – Max Eli

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Max Eli