Lightning Systems

Lightning Systems

ELI Colour offers three exclusive MaxLift lighteners to choose from – Powder, Cream and Paste. This gives the colourist the opportunity to choose from two dual- purpose bleach products in powder and cream form, as well as our very own balayage paste.

MaxLift Powder

MaxLift Powder

Up to 8 levels of lift
MaxLift Powder is an aggressive dust-free powder. It is a dual purpose bleach designed for on and off the scalp bleaching. For maximum lightening results MaxLift has the ability to lift up to eight levels.

Mixing Ratio is 2:1

  • 100% Dust-free powder bleach

MaxLift Paste

Free-hand painting on the hair

Designed for balayage and colour melting techniques

  • This unique lightener quickly forms a soft paste shell when applied to the hair strand

Mixing ratio is 1.5:1

maxlift cream

MaxLift Cream

Ammonia free

MaxLift Cream is a gentle cream lightener that is non-aggressive. It is designed to save the integrity and shine of the hair while slowly lightening up to six levels from the hair’s natural level. Alternating foils with another High Lift or any colour mixed with 40 Volume Activator is excellent when doing dimensional colour. It allows you time to let the other formula process the full amount without jeopardizing the integrity of the hair.

Mixing Ratio is 1:1

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