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Custom colours created by a stylist for the stylists


Everything you need in your swatch book

Our Swatch book was created with the stylist in mind. One of the most important items needed in creating formulas and determining clients natural level is a functional swatch book. First we have started by naming our shades the actual true colour we learn in studying the Colour Wheel. With ELI Colour we have eliminated the words such as Ash, Gold, Copper and replaced them with actual colours such as Green, Yellow, and Blue. (ie. 7G or 7.1 is 7 Green not 7 Gold)

Size matters

Each of the colours was formulated to the custom created shades. Much time was taken in also making sure that the size of the book was small to make it much user-friendly for individual stylists.

Then some…

And we are really excited about how we included a removable complete grey level finder for ALL levels of grey, from 25-100% grey when determining the natural level in order to start formulating. This will completely help eliminate any errors in formulation from the beginning on your clients with grey. Also our swatches have been placed with straight flat swatches to allow natural light reflection and accuracy when determining natural level.

Color wheel that makes sense

Each ELI Colour shade is identified on the colour chart by an international number and American letter. The first number represents the level. The following number(s) or letters are the base colours used in that particular tube.

Example: Chocolate Brown also 4.35 or 4YRV

The number (4) before the period indicates the level. The subsequent number(s) or letter(s) indicate the base colour or colours. In this example (35) or (YRV), the first number or letter (Yellow, Y) indicates the primary base whereas the second number or letter (Red/Violet, RV) is the secondary base.

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Colour Shades





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Red Violet

Choc. Browns

Sable Browns



Max Blondes

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