We are excited to introduce

ELI Colour

A Different Kind of Colour

Unlike other colour, ELI Colour was designed differently from head to toe using MaxBond technology and pharmaceutical grade components.
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14 Shades of Blonde

With the creation of our 90 custom blended shades ELI Colour has crafted 14 beautiful blondes to add to the colourist palette. Blondes definitely have more fun!

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Lowers the pH of colour cream allowing every tube of ELI Colour to become semi/demi.

  • Up to 100% grey blending
  • Perfect for blending grey on men without   causing a line of demarcation
  • Excellent for dry or chemically processed hair
  • Recommended activator for toning

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Revolutionary custom blended shades that will 
achieve 5 levels of lift.

  • Designed to achieve the lightest natural bases on virgin hair.
  • Examples: (L3-L8; will take a natural level 3 to and natural level 8)


Every shade of ELI Colour has the ability to cover gray.

  • Penetrates the more compact cuticle of the gray hair and replaces the missing pigment of a gray hair.
  • Ability to control the translucency and opacity.
  • We have also created a perfectly calibrated Brown mixer to increase opacity to any formula.


Stylists decide how well it covers from matte to translucent.

  • Matte: mixing ratio | 1:1
  • Opaque: mixing ratio | 1.5:1
  • Translucent mixing ratio | 2:1

MaxBond Technology

Every TUBE OF ELI Colour is powered by MaxBond Technology. A revolutionary approach to hair colour and hair care.

MiruStyle X-HP

Bring on the Heat.
X-treme Heat Protection like no other

MiruStyle X-HP not only protects from thermal styling tools but also improves the overall condition of the hair cuticle. MiruStyle X-HP dramatically reduces damage to the hair surface while preserving hair strength.


Next Generation Biotechnology. Antioxidants that promote cell growth

The G-Cell, derived from activated unripened grape stem cells, not only contains supercharged antioxidants that promote active cell growth, but these little bioactive molecules are also extremely effective at fighting off free radicals such as pollution and UV Radiation.

G cell

Antiradical effect of cosmetic preparation (ORAC/L)

G-Cell retain its antioxidant effectiveness in cosmetic formulation conferring anti-age properties to it.



Strengthen. Nourish. Grow.
All at your fingertips

Protesol is a naturally derived hydrolyzed collagen rich in Protein and amino acid. This re-envisioned ingredient not only provides the building blocks for healthy hair but will make your colour more vibrant.


Taking your Vitamins has never been easier.
Infused with Vitamin B3 & Phytopeptides.

Prospin has found a way to protect the hair against extrinsic aging factors. It reduces inflammation by challenging the ammonia in the colour on a molecular level, leaving your hair and scalp able to absorb collagen. Therefore; not only will your hair look healthier, but it will be healthier.

prospin icons

Berry thingy

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Let your hair Shine as bright as your soul does.

The Sea Buckthorn Berry is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and rare Omega-7. By infusing ELI Colour with the oil from this nutritional berry, we are able to provide better UV protection, skin soothing properties to the scalp and cell regeneration.



Nothing is more memorable than a scent.
Let’s make it a good one

ELI Colour, the first colour line in the world to have this patented ingredient. The SinOdor agent will help dramatically reduce the unwanted smell of hair colour. We could tell you how, but it’s a secret…

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