MaxRelax “No Itch”

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Enhance the comfort of your Eli Colour application with our soothing mousse agent

No need for a doctor

Specifically designed for our sensitive clients. MaxRelax is a special blend of ingredients used from our MaxBond Technology that we have already integrated into our ELI Colour. This unique blend derived from two plant based extracts; Chamomile and Marigold, which are both very commonly used in therapeutic purposes. Chamomile has been a proven leader in the anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic pharmaceutical approach to hair care. The Marigold extract has been a long-time traditional herb used in Eclectic Medicine for soothing purposes.


Contains 3 of the MaxBond technology ingredients

Mirustyle X-HP

MiruStyle X-HP not only protects from thermal styling tools but also improves the overall condition of the hair cuticle by rebuilding the cystine bonds. MiruStyle X-HP dramatically reduces damage to the hair surface while preserving hair strength.


Prospin has found a way to protect the hair against extrinsic aging factors. It can reduce inflammation by challenging the Ammonia in the colour on a molecular level. Leaving your hair and scalp able to absorb more collagen, therefore not only will your hair look healthier but it will be healthier.


the G-Cell, derived from activated unripened grape stem cells, not only contains supercharged antioxidants that promote active cell growth, but these little bioactive molecules are also extremely effective at fighting off free radicals such as pollution and UV Radiation.

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